COVID-19 Response Information

COVID-19 Protocols 

May 11, 2020

  • All providers are wearing KN95 masks with a standard ASTM Level 1 mask over them.
  • All providers are wearing surgical gownssmocks while treating patients.
  • All providers are wearing face shields while treating patients with a high-speed dental handpiece.
  • Business staff are wearing ASTM Level 1 masks while at their workstation.
  • Disposable materials are used whenever possible. 
  • Restricted seating in waiting room with 6’ or greater between all chairs.
  • Removal of all magazines, journals, TV remotes, toys or other objects that are typically handled by patients in waiting room or treatment rooms. 
  • Check-in process adapted for patient to remain in vehicle until appointment time.  
  • Acrylic “sneeze” guards in place at receptioncheck out desk.
  • All staff are maintaining 6’ social distancing whenever possible.
  • Office doors are left open to avoid contact with doorknobs or handles.
  • Treatment chairs are covered with disposable plastic covers and changed between each patient.
  • Extra time is being allowed between patients for thorough disinfection of treatment rooms.
  • Written verbal protocols established for reappointing patients.
  • Pre-screening questionnaire for all patients to fill out prior to treatment. 
  • Conversion of health history, HIPPA and new patient forms to digital format that can be completed prior to the appointment without printing.  
  • Patient’s temperature taken with infrared thermometer prior to treatment.
  • All staff temperature taken before seeing patients and again mid-day.
  • Preprocedural mouth rinse of Hydrogen Peroxide to reduce oral microflora. 
  • Reduction of the schedule/patient volume in accordance with the ADH guidelines for Phase 1.  
  • Alerts displayed on the facing of operatories to identify disinfected rooms. 
  • Permit only the patient (and guardian) back in the operatory during procedure and restrict use of water fountain. 
  • Provide personal pens for patients to use for required paperwork.
  • Covering card readers with barrier for ease of disinfection at check-out 


**Please note that these protocols are in addition to our normal operating standard infection protocols

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